Sunday, June 7, 2015

#156: Ragnar Relay Snowmass

Friday morning team #isthereapubontop set up camp for the Ragnar Trail Relay in Snowmass, CO.  Our team consisted of 8 runners and one volunteer.  Each runner ran each of the three trail loops once, for a total of about 15 miles.

It was an incredible experience!
  • I ran in a beautiful place
  • I ran in a beautiful pace at night
  • Trail running at night is my new favorite thing 
  • I made 6 new friends
  • We camped in the rain
  • We ate in the rain
  • We did everything, actually, in the rain
  • We were cold
  • We were hot
  • Many of us got super muddy (I was spared the mud by lucky timing on my legs)
 We finished around 3 Saturday afternoon to a drizzling rain but amazing spirits!  It was an experience of a lifetime!
Before- clean, dry, sunny
After: dirty, wet, elated!

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