Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#173: A little star sticker

This day has been unbelievably wonderful!  Or it may be the last two days, I lost count somewhere in there.  My plane left Boise at 7 on Monday morning and although it is officially Tuesday afternoon here in Scotland, I'm pretty sure my body thinks it's late Monday night. 

My flights were all on time.  My ride to the airport arrived early, just as I was beginning to get anxious about leaving at 7 a.m. on a Monday morning.  At the scanner machine at security, I ran into a friend I ski with whom I haven't seen since winter.  My bag arrived with me.  The flight to Glasgow from Philly wasn't full, so the flight attendants moved people around so that no one sat 3 people in a row unless they wanted to.  I sat next to a very nice Scottish gentleman who told me all about how Glasgow and St. Andrews.  I easily found transportation from the airport to St. Andrews, and when I found the house of my friends, they were there.  I've seen the castle.  I've had a snack.  I'm super grateful I packed my winter coat-it's cold here.

I've been marveling all day at how full I feel, in stark contrast to last year's trip.  I am absolutely amazed and thankful for my life.

And the I ordered an English Breakfast tea at the Starbucks in St. Andrews, and the woman behind the counter said it was free because there is a star on the cup.  Really?  Yes, this is really happening!

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