Monday, June 29, 2015

#177: Reunited for Year 2

Today at 4 my Masters program officially began with an opening task and yummy dinner. I am forever grateful to my friend in Boise who gave me the idea of "Educational Technology" as an area of study, and to Google for bringing up Michigan State's Masters of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) overseas programs as the first suggestion when I punched in 'masters degree educational technology overseas'. 

Being here again I re-remember what a life-changing event it was and is to do this program.  I also realize how uncomfortable and anxious I was last year now that I feel so comfortable with everyone here. 

Finally, I feel how much everyone in my cohort means to me.  Living and working so intensely with 13 other people for a month bonds you togetherness in unique and strong ways.  They have become a small part of me, though I didn't realize it until I arrived this year.

i am so blessed to be able to do this program!!!

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